Lever House Has Talent 2013!

Another wonderful day here at Lever House!
Today we held the semi-finals and the finals of Lever House Has Talent 2013 and it truly was excellent.

Many thanks to all the children who auditioned in the class rounds; the standard was as superb as ever.

In the semi-finals, we all thoroughly enjoyed being entertained by comedians, magicians, singers, dancers and even hoola hoopists.

Congratulations to the ‘Chickadettes’ and the ‘Joker Brothers’ for making it through to the finals, but a special mention must go to Eric, our winner for this year, with his amazing dancing.

Click on here if the clip does not play.


Do you want your children to have the best education? Then let your children attend Leverhouse with learning, creativity and fun! Your children will also have lots of friends! The school lunches are delicious, or you can give your child a packed lunch. So,get your children to attend Leverhouse!

Learning                                                                                                                                                Learning at Leverhouse is amazing! Your children will be educated, whilst having fun! The lessons are exciting, challenging and practical. During the year, classes will go on Educational Visits to certain places linked to the class topic. Sometimes, special visitors come in and talk about topics in classes. Occasionally, the school has exiting, educational  ‘WOW’ weeks that involve learning and fun like Time Travel week and Alien week. Your child can learn alot at LeverHouse!

Extra Skills                                                                                                                           At Lever House your children can learn lots of extra skills. In some classes your children will go swimming. Your children will learn road safety, including cycling and right start. There is lots of ICT products like computers, laptops and IPads. Outside on both playgrounds, there is a trim trail. Also, there is a theatre, were children can perform dances, and there are two willow domes. Sometimes, your child will get to go to forest school. Here, your children will learn about wildlife and get to play at the same time! There are also some different sports clubs at school.

Out of school hours                                                                         At Leverhouse there are lots of out of school activities such as Breakfast club and after school club. Here your children can play with toys, colour and play board games. Also, for the Juniors, there are sport activities out of school. There are discos that include different party games like corners, musical statues and musical bumps! There are also different games nights like bingo night. Would you like your children to come to Leverhouse and take part in these activities?

So, as you see, Leverhouse is the best school your children could attend. Would you like YOUR children to be sent to the best school? Send your children to Leverhouse today!


If you want your child to have brilliant education well then come to lever house! There are fun sporting events. The teachers are extremely kind, and pupils are fantastic! The equipment for PE and the uniforms are also smart.

Learning at leve house is phenomenal! Whilst your child is learning they will particapate in wonderful activities .e.g. Alien week and time travel week! Your children will experience some fun practical lessons! At Lever House we have out standing reading books! During the school year your child will have 3 or 4 educational visits. Also we have brilliant and amazing topics. Every year there will fantastic learning assemblies.

If your child wants very good skills then come to Lever House! Each year in the school PE is done once or twice a week. When they reach your child year 4 & 5your child will have swimming lessons. Every year around the 12th June there will be a infant and a junior sports day!  Do you want your child to be mucky?  Then let your child go to forest school! Music is an important skill at lever house. Productions are very similar to brass lessons.

The After school events and before school events are brilliant! At After school club your child will play fun games, you play outside when it is warm. At After School Club when it is rainy you sometimes watch a film. Before school school starts there is Breakfast Club, where you can have your breakfast and a drink. Would you like your child to have their breakfast at school? Also after school there are discos usually Infants go 4:00pm – 5:00pm, the Juniors go 5:00pm  – 6:00pm. There are sports clubs .e.g. football, cricket and netball.

So, after reading that information about Lever House, don’t you think Lever House is the best? When your child has grown up they will be a well mannered person.


Do YOU want your child to have a fabulous education? You do? Then send them to Leverhouse! At Leverhouse we have challenging competions,kind teachers and lots of hard work. On arrival your child/children will meet caring,lovely pupils. So come to Leverhouse!


Learning at Leverhouse phenomenal! Your child/children will embark on exciting,practical and challenging lessons. Also at Leverhouse your child/children go on lots of amazing educational visits .e.g Tower wood in year 6. We have ‘wow’ weeks like ‘Alien Invasion’ week and ‘Time Travel’ week. At Leverhouse we have fun and exiting educational visits. In Leverhouse we offer a fun and safe   learning. So come to Leverhouse!

Extra skills

At Leverhouse we have brilliant sporting opportunities! Wouldn’t you like your child to have that sort of opportunities? In the infants your child/children will take part in Right Start,wich is a brilliant opportunity for your child to learn the importance of road safety. Also year 5 do cycling assessments where instructors come in teach the pupils how to cycle on the road.

Out of school hours

At Leverhouse we have disco nights and film nights organised by the friends team. We also have Games nights,Bingo nights and Fun runs. At Lever House we have an Eco club and Bring Your Spade In night. Wouldn’t you like your child to help save the planet? So come to Lever House!

As you can see Lever House is the best school in Farington. So now do you want to send your child to LEVERHOUSE?!

Come to Lever House!

Do you want your child to have excellent eduction? If you do send your child to Lever House.  We have smart uniform , friendly children and brilliant outside equipment .  Send your child to Lever House because they will have a fantastic time and fun.

Learning at Lever House is amazing! Lever House has fantastic eduction , we also have unbeatable ‘ Wow’ weeks.  There  are great reading  books that you will enjoy.  We have lots of educational visits. There is also funny visitors, exciting topics and challenging lessons.  Also we learn a lot from our learning assemblys.  We have a ton of colorful displays.

Extra skills

Come to an amazing school called Lever House!  Lever House have some amazing sports, some of them like sports day and the fun run. The fun run is were we run 10 laps of a coned track; Sports day is were you do a mixture of sports like javelin, relay race, long jump and an assault course.  Play a brass instrument – only in year 4. You can choose out of a cornet, trumpet and a baritone.  There is a lot of productions such as xmas,  class assemblies and year 6 productions.  Also only for  year 4 is swimming lessons at leyland swimming baths.  For the infants there is forest school.  There is also  brilliant  ICT techongoaly.  In the playground’s (infant and juniors) there is an amazing trim trail.

Out of school hours

Lever House also has amazing activities out of school hours!  Send your child to Lever House and they will do Sport contests like tennis, football, netball and Athletics teams. Lever House also have After school club and breakfast club.   Plus After school club is where you go and Play, and Breakfast is where your child comes to school early and gets Breakfast there to.  If you send your child they will get up to things like forest school club.  Forest school club is where you do outside activities. Your child can go to Eco club in year 5.  Eco club is were some children go round school, after school and they see which class is,  saving the most Electricity, and whichever class saves the most, they get to keep the Eco teddy for week.

Do you not think Lever House.  If you send your child to Lever House they will have a fantastic education.

Visit Lever House!

Do you want your child/children to have a brilliant education? If you want your child to enjoy fun, learning and creativity. Well thats exactly what Lever House has got. On arrival you will find generous, intelligent and friendly children.

Learning at lever house is brilliant!

Whilst your child is being educated they will be having fun, practical and educational trips like Tower Wood, when your child is in year 6. During your children’s time at this school they will have around 3 school trips A.K.A education visits in a year. They will also have fun and active P.E lessons like football, running and dodgeball and games like that.

Extra skills

Your child /children will learn extra skills like swimming, football, music, Right Start and much much more. Lever House is the ideal place for your child to learn all this so now come and check it out! We also have brilliant ICT products including ipads and laptops – these are brilliant because you can use the internet and during learning.

Fun !

At Lever House, we also have lots of fun things like films night, brass lessons, sports day and much much more. These things provide skills which  causes a good choice of jobs for your child when there older. We also do a lot for charity such as charity week and the fun run. At charity week all the pupils bring in £1 to spend on sweets and cakes at year 6’s stalls. Each pupil makes a stall and chooses a charity to give there raised money too. We also have good ICT products such as laptops and ipads ,to help with our learning.

Do you want your child to have a brilliant education? So why not send them to Lever House them best school in leyland!       

About Lever House primary school!!

Learning at lever house is amazing! At lever house we have fun practical lessons and challenging maths assents. Also at Lever House we have ”WOW” weeks they are time travel week, alien invasion. Also in lever house we do forest school where you do activates and make fun little houses. Whilst your child is at school, learning about something, special people  will come in and talk to the class.


At lever house it is really fun. In yr4 we go to fantastic swimming lessons, where you learn to be a great swimmer. Also at Lever House we have a big theatre and you can do lots of shows like dancing, singing and lots of other things. In lever house we have a sports day where the children do lots of activities. At lever house we have road safety in yr2 to keep your child safe on the roads. While your child is in yr4 she/he will get to have brass lessons at school.


In Lever House primary school it is fantastic for any child. In Lever house we have a brilliant computer room and you can type and type. Also in the playground we have a willow where all the children can have fun. Every year at lever hose the juniors and infants do sports day, where they do lots of wonderful activities. So send your child to Lever house!!!


So as you now know Lever House is a brilliant school for your child, because they will learn, so they can have a great job. So send your child to Lever House.


Do you want your child to have exellent education? Well bring your child to Lever House, to also have fun, laughter and creativity! If you do this, your child will have a brilliant time.

Learning at Lever House

Whilst your child is learning, they will have fun, practical and challenging lessons. Your child will also be going on exciting trips, which will be rellated to the topic. Aswell as topics your child will be learning other subjects. About twice a year we have a wow week e.g Alien week and Time travel. Whilst your child is being educated, visitors are welcome and thats what makes learning more interesting! Once a year or maybe even more, we have a learning assembelys that you will be invited to. On the other hand, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 will take it in turns every Friday, to share the learning.

Extra Skills

In year 5 the children will get trained to, get a job for a week, to work at the salad bar and hand salad out, if children want it. Your child could be on school dinners or your child could bring a packed lunch. We send a offer that your child could bring a packed lunch, but on Fridays your child could have a school dinner, which is called Friday Favourites. An extra skill for Key stage 1, is Road Safety. In Key Stage 2, we will follow it up with Safer Cycling.

Out of school hours

If you would like to work longer, you could pay for your child to come to after school club. It could be an opportunity for your child to meet new friends. Nearly every week, the people who run after school club do fun things such as: Playing on the field with the equipment, playing on the laptops, depending on the day you make your own snack and much more. In the morning, if there is no-where for your child to go, you could bring your child to school at anytime after 8’O‘clock to have breakfast, at school.

So if you read this carefully you all understand they Lever house is the best school in Leyland. Do you want your child to be part of the best school? Well come to Lever house!